How do I measure my tyre size? 
Your tyre's description and its characteristics are imprinted on the side walls. While much of this information you can ignore, you should note the tyre size and make. This is shown in rim size, width, aspect ratio and speed rating. 
The rim size is a two-digit number after the letter ‘R’. 
The width is a three-digit number followed by a slash. 
The aspect ratio is a two-digit number following the slash. 
The speed rating is a single alphabet letter, usually the last character shown after the tyre sizes. 
What do the labels mean on new tyres? 
These list information concerning external noise levels, fuel economy and braking on wet roads. Ratings are shown as ‘A’ as the best through ‘G’ as the worst. Tyre noise is shown in decibels (dB). The labelling is only a guide to inform you when choosing a new tyre. M60 Mobile Tyre technicians offer free advice when buying new tyres. Give us a call on 07519 078534 for more information. 
How do I check my tyres for safety? 
Although tyres are very durable, it pays to inspect them regularly to ensure they’re safe and grip correctly. The most important factors are tread depth, pressure and overall condition. 
Tread depth: the minimum UK legal tread depth is 1.6mm, but 3mm is recommended for the best performance. 
Tyre pressure: Check your tyre pressure at least fortnightly. Under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption, while over-inflated tyres can lead to poor car handling. 
Condition: check your tyres regularly, especially the sidewalls, for signs of damage. For instance, this might be caused by potholes or scuffing from kerbside parking. Plus, damage can be caused by improperly balanced tyres. 
Call our tyre experts for free advice if you’re unsure whether you need replacement tyres. They’ll also tell you whether a repair might be the best option, thus saving you money! 
Where will you fit my tyres? 
We’ll fit your tyres at your home or place of work at a prearranged time slot. 
Do you charge for an emergency call-out? 
Our 24/7 call-out service operates within the Greater Manchester and North West region. Out-of-hours call-outs are chargeable, whereas in-hours emergency call-outs are generally free. 
Do you repair punctures? 
Of course! Where a tyre can be successfully repaired, it will be more cost-effective than replacing it. 
Do you dispose of my old tyres? 
We can remove your old tyres and ensure they are disposed of following environmental regulations. 
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