Motoring experts advise that tyres should last at least 10 years or 20,000 miles before replacing them. However, this lifespan depends on many factors: your driving habit, how often you drive, the type of road surface and how many miles you drive annually. 
Of course, there are also several things your tyres can be subjected to, causing them to fail - worn down tread, cracks in the rubber (particularly in the sidewalls), losing air pressure faster and wobbling wheels when you drive at speed. 
Wheel wobble is a sign your wheels are unbalanced, causing the tread to wear unevenly. Also, a car parked for long periods, especially in direct sunlight, can result in the tyres drying out more quickly, causing cracks to appear. So, try to park away from sunlight. Tyres losing air more often could be a sign of age. Typically, you should only need to add air once a month. 
Generally, front tyres need changing more often, whereas rear tyres can last longer. However, if you inspect your tyres and find any of the problems above, we recommend you change your tyres sooner. 
Thankfully, M60 Mobile Tyre Fitting Manchester is your one-stop contact for new tyres and tyre repairs. Appointments are available in one-hour slots, 7 days-a-week. 
Our mobile technicians will come to your home or your place of work to either repair or replace your tyre quickly and efficiently. Our vans are fully equipped with the latest tyre changing and wheel balancing kit to work on wheels up to XX” in diameter. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient. 
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